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ProjectMount Macedon House


Mount Macedon House integrates the building with its’ surroundings and yet provides a measured amount visual interest in order to stimulate the observer. One of the aims of retreating to the country is to enjoy its visual beauty. Any holiday house should not detract from this experience by imposing itself upon the site. The external composition is one of the long low lines which sit on the curved top of a small ridge. The entry courtyard, steel panels and window recesses form dark shadowy planes in the elevation. The stone fireplace wall acts as a thin vertical buttress on the outside of the building.

The forms of Mount Macedon house are reminiscent of American Modernist houses but the use of the rustic materials and the integration with the ground plane reveal a contemporary Australian variant. The clean and simple sculptural form peeks out from a treed copse in the middle of its site, on the one hand wanting to hide and on the other transfixed by the view.

Stage Completed