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ProjectBluff House


Bluff House is a project which responds to the challenges of its’ dual interface of both the Victorian coastline and the neighbouring countryside. The building also addresses the evolving brief of a part-time holiday home which will ultimately become a more permanent residence. The building sits atop an escarpment in the seaside township on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. The view to the rural north is serene and bucolic with views over rolling paddocks, defined by rows of pine windbreaks.  The south is a rugged seascape of the Bay and nearby Bass Straight.

The site is located on a transition point between two geologies, resulting in a land slip affected site. Deep bored piers anchor Bluff House to the crest of the allotment. Whilst the upper floor plate cantilevers out over the steep terrain below. In turn, this gives its occupants a feeling of leaning over the edge. This facade is clad in tailored narrow blackbutt timber boards. Whilst the southern orientation has a brooding and sharp composition of dark painted steel and glass.

Stage Completed