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ProjectBarwon Heads


The site for this new building is within a residential grid in the coastal town of Barwon Heads. The spatial programme was for a family holiday home where guests and extended family could happily co-exist. There was also a requirement to maximize the connection with the external terrace and garden spaces around the house whilst maintaining a certain amount of privacy from the adjacent properties. These principles acted in directly guiding the form of the building.

A large central hub was created as the heart of the home. This central zone acts to anchor the two wings of the house and also works to divide up the allotment to create individual external gardens. To the front street side of the property a sunny elevated terrace has been created, whilst at the rear of the central hub a larger garden accommodates the swimming pool. As the site is nestled within a coastal environment, but does not benefit from water or distant views, vistas have been created through the house looking out into these outdoor terraces and gardens.