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ProjectHall of Memories


At the heart of the design for this contemplative, administrative and educational religious centre is a Memorial Hall, a space that rises the full height of the building and is suffused with daylight (an appropriate metaphor for hope and the future) from the central oculus, a space that commands attention and causes the visitor to stop and reflect. The base of this Hall is visible as you enter the building and draws the visitors forward into its base to look up the two storey void to the daylight flooding through the oculus.

However, rather than be put to one side, isolated from the activity of the Centre, the Memorial Hall becomes the pulsating heart of the Institution with visitors crossing through its light filled volume to gain access to the exhibition and educational spaces.

An overriding first impression is its vibrancy with visitors, students and staff creating an atmosphere of community and dialogue amongst people of all ages. The Centre is not a mausoleum, a static and rigid memorial, but rather an ever changing and forward looking educational and religious organization.