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ProjectInarc Office


This is our own office fitout. We are a mid-sized architectural and interior architecture practice based on the very edge of Melbourne’s CBD in East Melbourne. Our third floor tenancy is a long horse shoe shaped footprint which has been theatrically manipulated to highlight different experiences as one passes through the space. Upon entering the office the visitor is channelled forward into a dimly lit interior flanked by tall charcoal walls. This dark interior helps to still the mind and strips away the clutter and rush of everyday life.  The gloom also stimulates the senses and prompts an air of anticipation. At the dog leg turn in the tenancy a full height wall of mirror brightens the space via reflections of the sky and trees beyond. The studio end of the office is naturally lit via a full height, full width window wall facing north onto The Treasury Gardens. The charcoal and white palette continues up to the glazing line. The purity of composition is accentuated by cantilevered joinery and library components. The only colour in the tenancy is introduced via the textural landscape and the brightly coloured spines of books in the office library. The office has proud green environmental credentials in the form of a of a five star green star building rating. Via a theatrical progression of darkness and light the Inarc office creates and beguiling space for visitors and staff.