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ProjectHuntingdale Golf Club


Huntingdale Golf Club, the home of The Australian Masters for 30 years, brings a welcoming new building whilst acknowledging the past. Complex requirements around a golfing and a hospitality building needed to accommodate flexibility and technology for the future. A new approach to Clubhouse design was required. The new Clubhouse is built on the site of the original 1941 Clubhouse.

As a reference to the terra cotta tiled gables of the original Clubhouse the new building features a roof of asymmetrical gables of varying pitches. The roof line carries on internally via undulating ceilings of acoustic timber linings. The peaks and troughs of the ceilings have been strategically used to link all of the spaces as well as to promote feelings of loftiness or cosiness. The palette of materials is a direct response to the beauty of the outside course. Dark bronze, reclaimed cypress timber, charcoal walls and copper highlights are finishes used throughout. The interiors of the Huntingdale Golf Club were designed with the golf and landscape as an ever changing back drop. The plaid carpet and white bricks both sit comfortably with the modern interior but reference the past.